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Opinions are like…

Posted by Skeptigator on November 5, 2008

Well maybe I won’t finish that title but you get the idea.

Now that the 800-day election cycle has just been completed and Barack Obama appears to be the President-Elect he is sure going to get a lot of advice, some of it requested much of it not. Over the next few months he’ll be planning his transition to the White House, figuring out his first steps not only from a policy perspective but who he’s going to appoint into Cabinet positions and other “spoils of war”.

If you were asked to sit at the table when Obama makes out his policy initiatives, what would be, say, the top 5? Who should he pick, either specifically or general descriptions of qualifications, for key Cabinet positions?

These are pretty much open-ended questions, but try to keep the suggestions FreeThought-y…

Here are some of my thoughts to kick off the discussion

  • Actually pay attention to your US Office of Science and Technology (aka the President’s Science Advisor)…
  • Significant funding for alt-fuel/energy, a Manhattan-style project (might I suggest SciAm’s Grand Solar Plan)
  • Disband the Faith-Based Initiatives program
  • Close Guantanamo Bay
  • End the Cuban embargo (last time I checked the Cold War was over)
  • Revise our Trademark/Patent system
  • Maintain Net Neutrality (yes it’s totally nerd but you’ll be surprised how you could be affected).

Cabinet positions

  • Warren Buffet for Treasury Secretary
  • Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State (or maybe Department of Health)
  • Al Gore at the Department of Energy (or perhaps the EPA)
  • Sarah Palin, Ambassador to Antartica

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The Enlightenment Show 2.0

Posted by Andy D. on October 6, 2008

Show Topics:

Church/State Separation and Sarah Palin

What’s The Harm in Astrology?

Deconversion Corner:  Altar boy to Atheist

FreeThinker’s Toolkit:  Burden of Proof, Occam’s razor, circular logic

Main Segment:  The Supreme Court and the Election.

This is our brand new format with multiple segments for an hour length with several people working on different topics.  My favorite new segment is Deconversion Corner.  Andy and Mark nailed it!  (Who’s next?)  We really have a talented cast and the show is better and more diverse.  By switching to segments, I can give the show a more professional look and sound.   It took a week to edit and post and thanks to Rae for helping select the music and SFX cues. PLEASE THANK everyone who worked on the show.  No one is getting paid for this and they do this to help our community and FreeThought Fort Wayne.   The credits list everyone.

(This show will air weekly all month on Access Two (Comcast 57, Verizon Fios 27 9:30-10:30 PM on Thursday nights)

For the future, I commited to Access Fort Wayne one show a month.  The times slots for Access will be either Wed 9PM, Mon 9PM, or Saturday 9PM on the 2nd and 4th week of the month.  The lottery for time slots is the end of the month.  Show sugestions and help are welcome at anytime.  For everyone, who is already on the Enlightenment Show cast, keep an eye on your e-mail for the next taping schedule and YOU ROCK!  Keep it up.  Thanks.

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Anybody else watching the Vice Presidential debate tonight?

Posted by JD on October 2, 2008

I’ve actually been looking forward to watching the Vice Presidential debate tonight.  I only know Palin from some of the articles I have read and haven’t had the opportunity to see her live.

So far, the main thing that has captured my attention is the disperity in education between both party’s candidates.  I don’t base everything on education.  That would be short-sighted; however, I find it a good starting point when considering these are candidates for two of the most important jobs in the world:

Barack Obama

Columbia University: BA political science

Harvard:  Juris Doctor magna cum laude

Joe Biden

University of Delaware: BA history BA political science

Syracuse University College of Law:  Juris Doctor

John McCain

Unites States Naval Academy (class rank of 894 out of 899)

Sarah Palin

Hawaii Pacific University (1 semester)

North Idaho College (2 semesters)

University of Idaho: journalism (2 semesters)

Matanuska-Susitna College (1 semester)

University of Idaho:  BA journalism

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Why Ranting Matters

Posted by mikebftw on September 21, 2008

I like a good rant occasionally.

I mean, nobody likes a blowhard, but it is possible to engage in a lucid, rational, well-constructed argument that, due to its length or forcefulness, can only be categorized as a rant.  Actually, when the two combine perfectly, a rant can become an absolute masterpiece – a thing of beauty.

In fact, I find there are very few conversational sins worse than when one party composes such an argument, and a troglodyte within earshot feels the need to respond with something profound like, “Gee, tell us how you REALLY feel!”  No counter argument, no follow up questions.  Just pure kindergarten reaction.

For a long time, I had trouble accurately describing the contempt these people provoked in me.  Now, I simply borrow a line from comedian Jim Norton – It makes me want to bite their f***ing faces.  It’s such a visceral level of disgust that I can think of no better reaction than to want to bite them across the bridge of their nose. Disturbing, I know, but it’s the best description I can come up with.

There is a point to my post, besides uncovering my apparently antisocial tendencies.  You see, Sam Harris recently constructed an argument against Sarah Palin for Newsweek magazine.  It is a clear assessment of the anti-intellectualism that dominates our political landscape – forceful and relatively lengthy (for a web article), to be sure, but still fair and well constructed.

So, what did a genius editor at Newsweek decide to call this piece?

“When Atheists Attack.”

I guess “Gee, Sam Harris, Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!” wasn’t available.

(Note – Having read a great deal of Sam Harris’ published work, I am forced to assume that there is no way he came up with this title.  In the rare event that he did, you can pretty much ignore this entire post.)

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