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Christine Comer: Expelled For Real

Posted by neuralgourmet on April 15, 2008

While I might think that the fraudulent documentary Expelled is a non-starter, it can’t be argued that Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents are waging a political war based on ideology. One such casualty of that war is Christine Comer who was the Director of Science for the Texas Education Agency for nine years before being expelled for “repeated acts of misconduct and insubordination”. But what exactly were her crimes? Well, in fact, there was only one. She forwarded an e-mail promoting a talk by Barbara Forrest with the National Center For Science Education. As it so happens, I was over at NCSE’s newly redesigned Expelled Exposed site and happened to see this short video of Christine Comer talking about her experience. There’s not a lot of factual information in there, but it puts a human face on the manufactuversy. Enjoy.

Oh, and don’t forget to bookmark Expelled Exposed’s YouTube channel. I expect you’ll be able to see many more videos there in days to come.


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