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Why is James Dobson worried?

Posted by Skeptigator on March 19, 2008

One of our members sent me this article, Anti-gay kingpin Dobson looks to future generations to maintain the cause, at PageOneQ. It seems that James Dobson, the voice of the conservative Christian organization Focus on the Family, is worried that there will be no one from the younger generation to carry on the conservative Christian message. Well at least Dobson’s message.

I can see why he is worried, he’s not getting any younger. Falwell has already died and the other “big names” aren’t exactly spring daisies either. Pat Robertson is still around but he’s pushing 80. I’m pretty sure Billy Graham actually died a decade ago but no one has told him yet. I think the Joel Osteen’s with their What Will God Give Me Prosperity Gospel will never quite make the same in-roads or have the same broad appeal that the Falwell’s enjoyed. I suppose Ted Haggard was looking pretty good until he… uh… pulled a boner ***.

After the big names in the Evangelical movement pass away, who will tell us which foriegn leaders we should assassinate? Who will tell us when God is pissed about a gay pride parade and then drown a whole city? Who will warn us of the gay-ification process of children’s cartoon characters (and yes gay-ification is word)? Who will warn us of the Jews in the media? I guess I don’t share Dobson’s concern, I wonder why that is?

*** You know that was funny.


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