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Big Foot Press Conference

Posted by Andy D. on August 27, 2008

SETI produces a great podcast (Are We Alone) on critical thinking. The latest one (Aug 25th) examines the Big Foot press conference and photos. This is a great way to teach evidence based reasoning and see how easy it is to pull off a media frenzy. They interviewed the costume manufacturer (wasn’t part of the hoax) who did a great job of making and selling the costumes for $495. Who knew there was a market to sell $495 big foot costumes? The show is 50:31. Are we alone is available on I-tunes for free.

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The Attack of the Creepy Gnome

Posted by Skeptigator on March 12, 2008

Has anyone else seen the report of a creepy “gnome” that’s apparently terrorizing an Argentinian village. Here’s some video footage of it. I am of couse the skeptic so my first thoughts are how convenient you happen to be recording some inane talk about a fishing trip, the gnome crosses under a street lamp within a hundred feet of a group of strapping young lads.

Prediction: It’s either 98% a hoax or 2% some poor little person (formerly known as midgets or dwarves).

ETA: Snopes says it’s false,

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