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FFW Top Ten Blog Posts of 2008

Posted by Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg on January 1, 2009

Father Time and Baby New YearIt’s New Year’s Day which means all over the internet you’ll be seeing top ten lists from bloggers of their most popular posts from the past year. Why should we be any different? Well, we are a little bit different in that this blog didn’t exist until last year. In fact, the first blog post here didn’t even appear until February 27th and that was just an announcement of our upcoming meeting. So really, this blog has only been active for ten out of the past twelve months. And if I recall correctly, FreeThought Fort Wayne itself didn’t even exist until late in 2007.

Yet we’ve come a long way in the past few months. We’ve produced 14 great episodes of our public access telvision show The Enlightenment Show, featured talks by author John Loftus of the popular blog Debunking Christianity as well as biblical scholar and author Robert M. Price. We’ve grown as an organization, had a variety of meetups in addition to our regular monthly meetings, developed a constitution and we’re about to elect officers. Additionally, we’ve taken this blog from nothing to almost 110,000 visitors, thanks to a couple of very popular stories and a couple of links from the most popular science blogger on Earth, PZ Myers.

So before we move on to bigger and better things in 2009, here’s a look back the most viewed posts of 2008.

And there you have it. Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church are always good for a big laugh, although I’ve got to say Mark Souder might have been more of a contender if he had made his ridiculous remarks earlier in the year. Of course, Andy Welfle’s deconversion story is not to be missed. 2008. What a year. And for FreeThought Fort Wayne, 2009 is only going to be better. No, strike that. It’s going to be fantastic!

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FreeThought Fort Wayne July Meeting Information

Posted by Skeptigator on June 19, 2008

What: FreeThought Fort Wayne July Meeting
When: July 9th, 2008 7PM-9PM
Where: Main Branch, Allen County Public Library
Meeting Room B
Desc: July 9th is movie night. The movie is yet to be determined but will be approximately 90 minutes and will include a 30 minute discussion afterwards. Bring a snack to share! As usual the discussion will be moved to a local pub. Public is always welcome

For more information,

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John Loftus’ Speech to FreeThought Fort Wayne (Audio)

Posted by Skeptigator on May 19, 2008

On May 14th, FreeThought Fort Wayne sponsored an event at the local library entitled Why I Rejected Christianity. Our speaker was John Loftus, who runs the group site,

John Loftus is a former evangelical pastor and apologist who is now an atheist. He has previously self-published his story and his thoughts on why he left the Christian faith. Later this year, John will be releasing his forthcoming book, Why I became an Atheist, a former preacher rejects Christianity through Prometheus Books.

John’s talk to the group was very well received and most of those in attendance were very well-behaved. His speech was attended by about 45 people, of which only about half were regular attenders of FreeThought Fort Wayne. The larger than normal attendance was due in part to the interview that John Loftus gave to one of our local newspapers, Ex-preacher says goodbye to God.

It was great to see some new faces. The talk was about 2 hours long and included a slideshow, so be aware that there are some parts of the talk may not make as much sense since you can’t see the slideshow. The main portion of his talk was about an hour and a half and included about a half hour of Q&A at the end.

The bulk of John’s lecture was a high-level review of many of John’s points from his forthcoming book. If you wish to see the detailed biblical criticisms that backup his arguments you will need to get the book when it’s released . Here’s what some of our members had to say about John’s talk (I would suggest listening to the talk before reading the posts below, they will have better context);

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John Loftus interviewed in the News-Sentinel

Posted by Skeptigator on May 13, 2008

Today’s News-Sentinel features an article written by Bob Caylor about John Loftus’ lecture tomorrow night. Here’s the link to the article online, Ex-preacher says goodbye to God.

I really should have told him to use my first name only, if at all, I am still closeted after all. Here’s the part that pertains to us, hopefully this comes off well,

Wednesday night, he’ll speak to atheists and agnostics in Fort Wayne who want to hear more about why his skepticism changed him from preacher to atheist. He’s speaking at a regular monthly meeting for “freethinkers,” atheists and agnostics. It’s something like church for the willfully unchurched.

“It can be a bit isolating in Fort Wayne to be a non-believer when the people you work with are believers, you drive past six churches to work every day and half the cars on the road say ‘In God We Trust,’” said Jeremy Diller, who helped arrange Loftus’ presentation. “It can be very refreshing to be able to spend a couple hours every month talking and laughing with people who aren’t trying to save your soul and just enjoy your opinions.”

I don’t really know about the “willfully unchurched” bit. Some of us including myself are very well “churched”. It’s the churching that drove us ultimately away from a supernatural worldview.

Hopefully there are some freethinkers in Fort Wayne who may be looking for a great group of people to hang out with. Hopefully, those who attend that don’t share our opinions will come with an open mind and behave themselves.

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