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The score is now… Flying Spaghetti Monster:1 Fred Phelps:0

Posted by neuralgourmet on September 22, 2008

Brian Chilson.

Central Arkansas Pastafarians confront members of Fred Phelps anti-homosexual church in Little Rock, AR on International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2008. Photo credit: Brian Chilson.

Via the Arkansas Times blog we learn that Fred Phelps and his band of homophobic bigots from Westboro Baptist Church were recently driven out of Little Rock by a merry marauding band of Central Arkansas Pastafarians. The Pastafarians dressed as pirates in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day,  waved swords and signs bearing slogans such as “God hates shrimp — Leviticus” and “God hates cotton-polyester blends” confronted Phelps’ group. Passing cars honked and waved at the pleased Pastafarians while a nearby TV crew captured their antics, ignoring the group from Westboro Baptist. Eventually Phelps and the other anti-homosexual protesters were forced to pack up their “Fags Doom Nations” and “You’re Going To Hell” signs and leave town. Priceless!


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