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United they Stand in Fear

Posted by dystressed on November 3, 2008

Blogger/Journalist Rex Wockner chronicles “The Call” in San Diego, a religious rally to get people to vote yes on California’s Proposition 8. Proposition 8 will re-ban gay marriage in California by amending the state’s constitution.

Wockner is gay, and a former religious person himself. He likens his attendance at the event to a Jew taking a look at a concentration camp.

If I hadn’t once upon a time been a Catholic seminarian and hadn’t emerged from those days with near certainty that all this God/Jesus stuff is pure myth and mass delusion, it could have been dangerous to be there. It would have been dangerous for any gay person struggling with internalized homophobia or religious guilt, I think.

The proposition 8’s supporters feel that children will be forced to be indoctrinated into thinking gay is okay. The most damning (pun intended) thing about this event is that they don’t have any real evidence that gay marriage will ruin anything. They just drive everyone to think the way they do because they want everyone to be scared. It’s the same tactic religion has used for millennia to force people to believe in something that isn’t real.

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Heart of the Beholder-and more Free Speech talk

Posted by Andy D. on August 5, 2008

Check out this “Heart of the Beholder “ website and learn the true story behind the movie. You can watch the full movie online and see actual news clips. I think the actual story behind the movie is scary because it is was not that long ago and in St. Louis.

There was a zealous religious group called Citizens for Decency which I think has merged with Focus on the Family or something very similar. They started protesting rental video stores that carried movies that didn’t fit their idea of morality. They even banned The Mermaid because they thought it promoted bestiality because Tom Hanks got it on with a mermaid! The Citizens for Decency obsessed over “The Last Temptation of Christ.” I do remember pundits going ape shit over that movie. I liked the score. How can one not like Peter Gabriel? Those “moral” people destroyed a person’s lively hood, made death threats, fraudulently ordered junk mail and subscriptions, and even blackmailed a prosecutor, and falsely reported to child abuse services.

I think we have really made headway in this area of free speech.

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Focus on Your Own Darn Family

Posted by Andy D. on July 1, 2008

Hopefully, our promotion of critical thinking and science training will help protect our community from nuts like James Dobson. Here are three examples of the Reverend quote mining research and science to promote his ideological position against homosexual families and gay marriage. This confirms Christopher Hitchens’ statement that one may commit any crime or say anything under the title reverend; moreover, we are enlightened own how certain religious thinking may lead to complete immoral and bigoted behavior. Dobson must think it is ethical to lie for Jesus. (We saw Ben Stein lie for Yahweh).

Here are the scientists own comments from truth wins outs:



There are very good and powerful. I think most people ignore Dobson but I rarely hear him challenged. I am going to contact truths wins out and see if I can download a higher resolution version and ask for permission to play them on The Enlightenment television show.

As long as we are on the topic of homosexual rights and the right wing agenda. PZ Meyers blogged about yet another copy and replace error from far right groups. I am sure most of us are familiar with the Discovery Institute “Cdesignpropendtsists” copy and paste mistake from creation to design proponents in “Of Panda’s and People.” (BTW that book is dead due to the Dover trial. The next evolution in propaganda books is “Explore Evolution.” You can google it. I don’t want to link to that website.)

The new copy mistake is from The American Family Association and takes the word “gay” and replaces it with “homosexual.” That does funny things when someone’s last name is Gay. Take a look at the article it is worth a laugh. I wonder why they replace gay with homosexual. Is that more scholarly or politically correct?

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