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Eddie Tabash on the U.S. Presidential election, and secular values voters

Posted by neuralgourmet on October 20, 2008

American Constitutional and Civil Rights Lawyer

American Constitutional and Civil Rights Lawyer

If you missed CFI’s Point of Inquiry podcast this week, you missed a great talk with Eddie Tabash. Eddie Tabash is a constitutional and civil rights lawyer, as well as chair of Americans United For Separation of Church and State‘s National Legal Committee (a position he has held for over a decade). In this podcast, DJ Grothe talks with Eddie about:

“…issues valued by secularists and why they hang in the balance in this U.S. Presidential Election.  He talks about gay marriage and abortion, and how both of these rights depend on a government neutrality in matters of religion. He details ways that pseudoscience and junk science are used to advance religiously derived public policy arguments against gay marriage and abortion. And he talks about global warming skepticism, and the need for scientific integrity in public policy. He emphasizes how the next U.S. President will reshape the Supreme Court, and what that portends for science and secular values. He also explains his role in gay rights victory with the Supreme Court of California earlier in 2008, and why he opposes Proposition 8, a proposed ballot measure in California that would amend the State Constitution to deny marriage rights to homosexuals.”

I had the good fortune of meeting and listening to Eddie Tabash last year at AU’s national meeting. He is truly a singular individual. The whole show is just 30 minutes long, so if you’ve never heard Eddie Tabash before, you should take this small chunk of time to do so now. Download the MP3 here.


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Eddie Tabash on the threat of the religious right

Posted by neuralgourmet on July 12, 2008

Edward “Eddie” Tabash is an American lawyer and atheist who has been fighting to preserve the separation of church and state for over thirty years. He is also known for debating prominent Christian apologists such as William Lane Craig. Eddie Tabash is currently the chair of the national legal committee of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, as well as the chair of the First Amendment Task Force for the Council for Secular Humanism. In this series of four videos from a recent lecture given at the Center For Inquiry Ontario in Toronto, Eddie Tabash speaks plainly about the ever-present danger to the U.S. Constitution from the religious right. Videos after the fold. Read the rest of this entry »

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