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Kitten of God in Dunlap Indiana. Jesus is spotted on the back of a cat

Posted by Andy D. on July 31, 2008

I wish this wasn’t happening in our state. If this is what a miracle is today, I can only imagine what the church could get away with during the dark ages. I don’t think the moderate religious believer buys this stuff like the virgin Marry toast or the Christ cheese doodle and it embarrasses them. I bet those owners of Sissy the kitten have been to or they will plan a trip to Ken Ham’s wonderland of the creation museum where the universe is only 6000 years old and dinosaurs and humans roamed the garden hand-in-claw.

As a cat lover, I really tried to look for a sign from god on the backs of my 2 cats. I didn’t see anything. One of them is even named Madonna. (I named her after the singer due to her attitude). Then it suddenly hit me and I did see a message appear long after I took the picture. Look at the bottom of the picture!

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