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An inside listen to a CFI Camping Retreat

Posted by Andy D. on September 3, 2008

The guys at Reasonable Doubts produced a unique podcast (#20) cut from many conversations and background ambiances from CFI Michigan’s Second Annual Long Lake Retreat.  I am an audio editor and I can hear how it was a massive undertaking to record, edit, and produce.  Hats off to our enlightened Michigan friends!

This is a different program because it touches on the emotional and intellectual concerns we freethinkers face.  It is really all about friendships.  I am not a fan of bugs, but I want to go to one of these next year with all of you.

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Darwin Day Celebrations

Posted by Skeptigator on March 7, 2008

I know this is posted over on the forums (here and here) but I figured I would get it posted here as well.

The Center for Inquiry – Indianapolis chapter (with which Freethought Fort Wayne is affiliated) will be hosting the Third Annual Darwin Day Conference at the IUPUI campus tomorrow starting bright and early. I know some members expressed an interest in attending/carpooling. I’m not sure who is going but I won’t be able to go to this either. I know I’m a non-participating bum but what can you do.

Check out the link to CFI Indy’s full schedule but some of the highlights will be:

9:00  am—Ancient Roman Creationism: Scientific Pagans vs Armchair Christians—Richard Carrier

10:30 am—Hunters, Gatherers and Killer Apes – Another Adventure in How Science Works–Dr. John Langdon

There will even be a talk on the source of moral values and a panel discussion on Intelligent Design (aka Creationism)

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