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Past Speakers

The following is a list of past speakers sponsored by FreeThought Fort Wayne to speak in Fort Wayne.

Robert M. Price (Original Announcement)

Robert M. Price spoke to FreeThought Fort Wayne about his book “Top Secret: The Truth Behind Today’s Pop Mysticisms,” and many other secular and religious topics in the Allen Country Public Library Theatre on August 6, 2008. It is followed by a lively Q & A section. We aired this as a special Enlightenment Show.

90 min

John W. Loftus (Original Announcement)

John Loftus is a former evangelical pastor and apologist who is now an atheist. He has previously self-published his story and his thoughts on why he left the Christian faith. Later this year, John will be releasing his forthcoming book, Why I became an Atheist, a former preacher rejects Christianity through Prometheus Books.

Audio Only

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  1. Vincent said

    Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!!! for posting Robert M. Price’s Lecture

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