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Prop 8: The Musical

Posted by neuralgourmet on December 3, 2008

Star studded musical to draw attention to opposition to California’s Proposition 8 banning gay marriage. Cast includes Jack Black as Jesus (and yes! our nation was founded on the separation of church and state!), Andy Richter and Doogie Howser (I’m pretty sure Neil Patrick Harris just gave up and legally changed his name a few years back).

Just linking to the video because WordPress won’t let me embed the video.

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Ep. 14 The Enlightenment Show:Flu Shot/Vaccine Denial, Obama the Anti-Christ?, Prop 8

Posted by Andy D. on November 30, 2008

56 min

Intro: Andy’s Colbert impression!

Leo gets a flu shot from infectious disease specialist Dr. Pamela Kelly.  They discuss Flu and Vaccine myths.

FreeThinker’s Toolkit: David Hume on the problem of miracles.

Blogger Heads: Examine Obama is the anti-Christ videos.

FreeThought Today: A discussion on politics including Prop 8 and homosexual marriage, Elizabeth Dole and anti-atheist ads, Scientology and the way to happiness ads.

What’s the Harm in vaccine denial.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the show.  I am really impressed with our talent pool.  Andy W rocked the Colbert intro!  Leo was shot.  Chad teaches about David Hume.  Mark and Jake are blogger heads! I hope you all like the edits, sfx, music, and the shorter intro.  Again thanks to all.  I keep saying this but this is our best yet!

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Wieners, in buns, no condiments.

Posted by neuralgourmet on November 28, 2008

A sort of a religious parable although I don’t think many people would see it as such. Here’s a video of a classic skit by the Rev. J. Huber from the fine folks at Nimpsy. It’s been a favorite of mine for a long time now.

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Are you as moral as god?

Posted by neuralgourmet on November 26, 2008

Oh my gosh! This video is awesome. What a great way to use the power of new media to get your message across in a non-threatening and humorous manner. Thank Dawkins we aren’t all this moral. Hat tip to Pharyngula.

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I need to declare a media moratorium…

Posted by Andy Welfle on October 24, 2008

…Because if I don’t, I sometimes accidentally see lackwits like this woman:

After I watched it, I really, really hoped it was some kind of parody. This idiot woman was so santimonious, so stupid, so unwilling to take any sort of personal responsibility for her actions, that she would judge her husband for voting for someone whose politics would benefit his livelihood — and hers, too.

This is the kind of person I was talking about earlier. She gave this little shudder when she talked about how Obama’s mother was an atheist, equating it in her small mind to Satanism or pedophilia. I bet she has a closet full of Chick Tracts.

I’ve been becoming increasingly stressed out, and I think that it is because I’ve been following this election and watching the media more than ever before. And when I do that, I’m exposed to this kind of thinking. It makes me lose hope for any chance this country will adopt any sort of enlightened thinking, and I realize that my cause and the cause of this organization can never succeed unless we can find a way to counter irrational thinking like this. And how can rational thinking trump the irrational?

Sorry about the rant. Can anyone here talk me down, á la Rachel Maddow? Sound off in the comments.

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Cool video with TAM6 recap.

Posted by Andy D. on October 10, 2008

This is a fun short skeptical video.  I saw it on Phil Plait’s blog and it was on skep chick so I knew it had to be good.  It is.  Someday I hope I could duplicate half of those visual effects.

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The Enlightenment Show 2.0

Posted by Andy D. on October 6, 2008

Show Topics:

Church/State Separation and Sarah Palin

What’s The Harm in Astrology?

Deconversion Corner:  Altar boy to Atheist

FreeThinker’s Toolkit:  Burden of Proof, Occam’s razor, circular logic

Main Segment:  The Supreme Court and the Election.

This is our brand new format with multiple segments for an hour length with several people working on different topics.  My favorite new segment is Deconversion Corner.  Andy and Mark nailed it!  (Who’s next?)  We really have a talented cast and the show is better and more diverse.  By switching to segments, I can give the show a more professional look and sound.   It took a week to edit and post and thanks to Rae for helping select the music and SFX cues. PLEASE THANK everyone who worked on the show.  No one is getting paid for this and they do this to help our community and FreeThought Fort Wayne.   The credits list everyone.

(This show will air weekly all month on Access Two (Comcast 57, Verizon Fios 27 9:30-10:30 PM on Thursday nights)

For the future, I commited to Access Fort Wayne one show a month.  The times slots for Access will be either Wed 9PM, Mon 9PM, or Saturday 9PM on the 2nd and 4th week of the month.  The lottery for time slots is the end of the month.  Show sugestions and help are welcome at anytime.  For everyone, who is already on the Enlightenment Show cast, keep an eye on your e-mail for the next taping schedule and YOU ROCK!  Keep it up.  Thanks.

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“Born Again” The documentary

Posted by Andy D. on September 23, 2008

This is an inside look at religion and how it divided a family. My family is no where near as intense but those interviews towards the end mirror conversations I have had with my own family. (minus the homosexual rights and big R republican ties).  Prepare yourself for a good story.  (Snagfilms is  a cool documentary film website).

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Robert M. Price speech to FreeThought Fort Wayne (Video)

Posted by Andy D. on September 7, 2008

Robert M. Price spoke to FreeThought Fort Wayne about his book “Top Secret: The Truth Behind Today’s Pop Mysticisms,” and many other secular and religious topics in the Allen Country Public Library Theatre on August 6, 2008. It is followed by a lively Q & A section.

90 min

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Interview with John W. Loftus and Robert M. Price (Video)

Posted by Andy D. on August 17, 2008

It was a great pleasure to speak with two ex-ministers about a wide range of secular topics on Episodes 11 and 12 of “The Enlightenment Show.” They both have  preaching backgrounds and are still preaching but their message has changed.

Robert M. Price is author of “Top Secret: The Truth Behind Today’s Pop Mysticisms.” He is a Fellow at The Jesus Seminar and professor of Theology and Scriptural Studies at the Johnnie Coleman Theological Seminary. He is the author of many other books. See his website.

John W. Loftus is author of “Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity.” He is the founder of the blog Debunking Christianity. John grew up in Fort Wayne and formerly preached in Angola, IN.

Part 1 (29 min)

Part 2 (30 min)

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