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About FreeThought Fort Wayne

Definition of FreeThought

FreeThought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that beliefs should be formed on the basis of science and logical principles and not be comprised by authority, tradition, or any other dogma

Our Mission Statement

FreeThought Fort Wayne is a community-based organization affiliated with the Center For Inquiry Indiana. We are freethinkers in the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana area who value Enlightenment principles such as the joy of science, skepticism, critical thought and civil liberties. FreeThought Fort Wayne seeks to advance a natural worldview, promote reason, increase the public understanding of science and defend the secular nature of our government.


1) The views expressed by an individual contributor to this blog are not necessarily shared by all members of Freethought Fort Wayne. That is what makes this organization so interesting.

If you would like to join, please contact us at

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