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December Sunday Coffee Klatch

Posted by neuralgourmet on December 10, 2008

Our third FreeThought Fort Wayne Sunday Coffee Klatch is coming up this Sunday, December 21st at the Firefly Coffee House on N. Anthony Blvd. Many thanks to Andy W. for coordinating this outing.

What: December Sunday Coffee Klatch
Where: Firefly Coffee House, 3523 N Anthony Blvd (map)
When: Sunday, December 21st, 2008; 10 am – 12 pm

FFW’s Sunday Coffee Klatch is just a relaxed, informal meet-up for the group to enjoy some fine coffee, good conversation and a little bit of camaraderie. There’s no need to be a member of FFW either. Anyone who fancies spending their Sunday morning shooting the breeze with a bunch of friendly, caffeine-buzzed, godless heathens is welcome.

I’ve got to say the turnout at the first two coffee klatches has been fantastic and everybody’s had a great time. There’s no reason we can’t do this more than once a month, all we need are some more members willing to step up to the plate and help coordinate the coffee klatches. The commitment is a relatively minor one too. All it takes is volunteering to be a warm body at at a definite time and place on some Sunday of your choosing.

We’ve been trying to spread our business around to as many local coffee shops as possible too, so if you have your favorite place to get your java fix, let us know in comments. Just make sure it has good seating. We’ve gotten about ten people showing up at each one.


3 Responses to “December Sunday Coffee Klatch”

  1. I’ll see you all there! If you’d be willing to just leave a comment here so I can get somewhat of an idea of how many tables to get.


  2. I’m going to try to come, since I’ll be in town for once. Yay winter break!

  3. Joel said

    I’ll definitely be there!

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