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Artifacts from Millions of Years in the Future

Posted by dystressed on December 9, 2008

Relics by the Glue Society

'Relics' by the Glue Society


On a lighter note, Creativity Online, a subsidiary of published this story on the pulse fair.

A contemporary art installation has been produced by the Glue Society. They have taken artificial eyelashes and fossillized them in pieces of fabricated amber.

Gary Freedman of the Glue Society views it as an indictment of how artificial our culture has become. It’s funny, beautiful and thought provoking.

“Symbolic of that slightly fake culture we’re around—those man-made things will be the things that endure and could be interpreted differently in millions of years to come.” 


One Response to “Artifacts from Millions of Years in the Future”

  1. Andy S. said

    You might as well add styrofoam to the list of “artifacts” from the future. After the human race has long been extinct, remnants from styrofoam cups, plates, packaging, etc. will still be hanging around.

    I received a package from a friend the other day via the US mail, and in the box was a jar of mustard dip for pretzels. Taking up the other 90% of the box were minature styrofoam pieces to keep the glass mustard dip jar from breaking during its journey to me. There must have been at least a couple hundred pieces of styrofoam in that box.

    It made me sick when I thought of the long term consequences these little styrofoam pieces will have on the planet for many, many years to come. It will most than likely end up in a landfill somewhere or floating around with other plastic refuge at sea.

    Who knows, at the rate humans are producing and disposing of what seems to be an endless supply of plastic bottles, styrofoam cups and other non-biodegradable wonders, we may be able to “walk” from continent to continent on a floating foot bridge of waste.

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