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Ep. 14 The Enlightenment Show:Flu Shot/Vaccine Denial, Obama the Anti-Christ?, Prop 8

Posted by Andy D. on November 30, 2008

56 min

Intro: Andy’s Colbert impression!

Leo gets a flu shot from infectious disease specialist Dr. Pamela Kelly.  They discuss Flu and Vaccine myths.

FreeThinker’s Toolkit: David Hume on the problem of miracles.

Blogger Heads: Examine Obama is the anti-Christ videos.

FreeThought Today: A discussion on politics including Prop 8 and homosexual marriage, Elizabeth Dole and anti-atheist ads, Scientology and the way to happiness ads.

What’s the Harm in vaccine denial.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the show.  I am really impressed with our talent pool.  Andy W rocked the Colbert intro!  Leo was shot.  Chad teaches about David Hume.  Mark and Jake are blogger heads! I hope you all like the edits, sfx, music, and the shorter intro.  Again thanks to all.  I keep saying this but this is our best yet!


8 Responses to “Ep. 14 The Enlightenment Show:Flu Shot/Vaccine Denial, Obama the Anti-Christ?, Prop 8”

  1. theodoersing said

    Great job editing Andy. The transitions are good. The pace of the show seems a littler faster and looks coherent. Overall, I have to agree this is your best show yet!

  2. dystressed said

    I really enjoyed this episode. I thought there was a ton of useful info.

  3. Great job guys

    Hey Andy what’s up with the Cat picture in the FreeThinkers Toolkit graphic. I’m beginning to wonder if we need to do an intervention.

  4. andyscathouse said

    Thanks for complements.

    Skep- Butters already ruffled his nose at my cat picture on the transition. I am going to change it for the next show. 🙂

    An intervention could not break me so you are lucky I am changing it already. lol

    I plan on making cool 3D transitions for the blogger heads, freethought today, and something about rapture scare for future episodes.

  5. Elis said

    Good topics and nice discussion. And sleek editing.

    I’m curious, how many of you are named Andy? 🙂

  6. Anthony said

    I’m not Andy. great show.

  7. We’re all named Andy, it’s part of the initiation into The Family.

    You are also required to wear a nifty sweater vest and/or cardigan. Button down shirts are acceptable but are indicative of deviant tendencies.

  8. Joel said

    So i should wear a button down shirt then??


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