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Origins of Life

Posted by Andy D. on November 11, 2008

picture-1The Museum of Science at Boston has built a helpful interactive website exploring Abiogenesis.  Explore the current hypothesis of RNA beginnings to build information and reproductive systems from nucleic acids. There are viruses that use only RNA to reproduce today.  For us, RNA is an intermediate step from DNA-to messenger RNA to transfer RNA to then build proteins.

Abiogenesis is not included in the theory of evolution by natural selection because it already assumes life.  Evolution is undeniable from many forms of scientific evidence and reasoning.

In the larger “cosmic evolution” and overall scientific worldview,  Abiogenesis is certainly an important question and we may never know how it actually happened.  SETI and origin scientists may find answers on another planet someday or in models. Enjoy.

I found this website through Panda’s Thumb website.


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