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What the world needs now…

Posted by Eye4Cards on October 30, 2008

Wonder how the election would go if the entire world could vote?  Well, you should have guessed there is a website for just such a thing.


3 Responses to “What the world needs now…”

  1. mightymjolnir said

    Look for Thomas Frank’s new book, “What’s the Matter with Macedonia?”, coming soon.

  2. theodoersing said

    Heehee. Maybe McCain has relatives in Macedonia.

  3. andyscathouse said

    “What is the Matter with Macedonia.” That is funny!!! I just finished Frank’s book.

    I don’t want to spoil the party but that poll isn’t anywhere near scientific… (I like crashing internet polls that PZ points out to frustrate right wing agenda but that isn’t a reasonable sample.) This is just anecdotal, but I fell the world wants Obama but I don’t know for sure…

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