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I need to declare a media moratorium…

Posted by Andy Welfle on October 24, 2008

…Because if I don’t, I sometimes accidentally see lackwits like this woman:

After I watched it, I really, really hoped it was some kind of parody. This idiot woman was so santimonious, so stupid, so unwilling to take any sort of personal responsibility for her actions, that she would judge her husband for voting for someone whose politics would benefit his livelihood — and hers, too.

This is the kind of person I was talking about earlier. She gave this little shudder when she talked about how Obama’s mother was an atheist, equating it in her small mind to Satanism or pedophilia. I bet she has a closet full of Chick Tracts.

I’ve been becoming increasingly stressed out, and I think that it is because I’ve been following this election and watching the media more than ever before. And when I do that, I’m exposed to this kind of thinking. It makes me lose hope for any chance this country will adopt any sort of enlightened thinking, and I realize that my cause and the cause of this organization can never succeed unless we can find a way to counter irrational thinking like this. And how can rational thinking trump the irrational?

Sorry about the rant. Can anyone here talk me down, á la Rachel Maddow? Sound off in the comments.

8 Responses to “I need to declare a media moratorium…”

  1. agnohumanist said

    Couldn’t agree with you more. When I hear people talk like that I also wonder if there’s any hope. I recently found out that I collegue of mine–a teacher of social studies!–has been talking down Obama because, she says, he’s a Muslim! But in my more optimistic moments, I realize that there is hope. Our organization and others like it provide hope. The fact that America may actually elect a black man provides some hope. (Disclaimer: I’m not 100% behind Obama, having seriously considered writing in Nader again as in the last two elections, but the viciousness of the attacks by the other side has pretty much persuaded me to vote for him.) The fact that books by Hitchens, Dawkins, and Harris have been on the bestseller lists provides some hope, too.

  2. agnohumanist said

    Along those same lines, I almost started crying today while listening to an ignorant, fearful woman being interviewed on NPR today. She was afraid that if Obama is elected “it will be chaos.” She actually said she thought black people will think it’s payback time. Back in the day, she said, black people had to step off the sidewalk when a white person passed. If Obama is elected, she thinks it will be the other way around! Wow. I know she’s not alone. It saddens me to think that some people think that way. On the bright side, though, he is leading the polls, so it seems that this kind of thinking is dying out.

  3. Andy S. said

    Agnohumanist –

    I also caught the interview on NPR yesterday. Very chilling to hear the fear in the woman’s voice who spoke of imminent “chaos” if Barack Obama is elected president. To think some actually believe there will be some sort of “payback” from African American’s if Obama is elected is sad.

    I have to credit the African American man who spoke on the program shortly after the woman spoke, who assured her there would not be a “rebellion” but frankly just the opposite – a celebration by the black community if Obama is elected.

    And Andy – yes the woman speaking in the video you posted DOES send chills up and down my spine. However, I do believe the pendulum is swinging back towards REASON in our country, even though it swings ever so slowly.

  4. dystressed said

    My family is also against Obama’s church, so this video was pretty much like reliving all family dinners of the past six months. I think I’m going to be ill.

  5. Andy W,

    You have to keep perspective. Remember that 50% of everyone is of below average IQ. Couple low IQ with ignorance, willful ignorance (for whatever reason), and the belief that your way is the one true way to live one’s life and you get people like this person, or the woman in the NPR interview Agnohumanist mentioned. It’s sad, but it’s true and people like this will always be out there. They are unreachable and they don’t want to be reached. They are lost.

    So my advice is simply turn off the media, or at least only pay selective attention and focus on your friends and loved ones. Draw strength from them,. Don’t make countering misinformation and ignorance your primary occupation. Keep learning everyday both so you can spot and critique BS and lies when you do see them, and for the sheer enjoyment you’ll get out of understanding the wonders of the universe. And last but not least, try to keep a sense of humor about it all.

    Because if you don’t do these things you’re at risk of developing the kind of disordered thinking patterns that lead to depression. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking that people like the woman in the video are representative. They’re not. They’re actually a small percentage of the population (a little over 1%… about 4,000,000 people total). It’s the assholes who prey on their ignorance and stupidity to advance an agenda that are the larger danger and they’re the ones deserving of our attention.

  6. agnohumanist said

    Neural: Great post–lots of wise advice there.

  7. Claudia said

    Ugh…this woman made me wanna scratch my eyes out and rip my ears off. Then I had a heart attack when MY MOTHER said “I like Sarah Palin”. *faint*

  8. Joel said

    Just remember, sooner or later natural selection will remove the religious 😉

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