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October Sunday Coffee Klatch

Posted by neuralgourmet on October 18, 2008

We thought we’d try something new in the way of activities. A lot of us have trouble getting to evening events and activities so we’d like to invite everyone to our first Sunday Coffee Klatch. This is just a relaxed, informal meet-up for the group to enjoy some fine coffee, good conversation and a little bit of camaraderie. For now, we’re planning on making this a monthly activity, but if there’s interest we’ll definitely expand it to biweekly or even weekly.

What:   October Sunday Coffee Klatch
Where: Mocha Lounge, 6208 Covington Rd (map)
When:  Sunday, October 26th, 2008; 10 am – 12 pm

Welcome Stumblers! If you’d like to meetup with FreeThought Fort Wayne’s members and share some good coffee, you can find our next Sunday Coffee Klatch here.

13 Responses to “October Sunday Coffee Klatch”

  1. Anon said

    Richard Carrier will be speaking in Indy on that date so I’ll have to leave the Coffee Klatch early (around 11:00). I’ve got three open seats in my car if any one else is interested in going to see Carrier.

  2. dystressed said

    I am all about coffee. It sounds like fun.

  3. andyscathouse said

    I will take one of the seats. I would love to go to the Richard Carrier event. Who is this?

    Oh and I love the coffee gatherings!!!

  4. agnohumanist said

    I like the idea! Richard Carrier sounds great too, but don’t know if I can make that.

  5. awelfle said

    Sounds like fun — Isn’t this when we’re doing our Adopt-a-Highway cleanup, though?

  6. Sounds like fun — Isn’t this when we’re doing our Adopt-a-Highway cleanup, though?

    I think the Adopt-A-Highway thing was delayed till next month because of conflicts with the Richard Carrier talk. I could be wrong.

  7. Sorry I have church

  8. you know someone had to say it 😉

    Seriously this is a great idea.

  9. Butter said

    Fan-fraking-tastic idea. I’ll be there.

  10. That was really fun this morning at Mocha Lounge! We’re definitely going to have to do this again next month and make it a regular meet-up. Next time somebody will have to bring a camera (and maybe we can make Waffles wear his Mad Anthony costume). We make for quite the motley assortment of heathens!

  11. agnohumanist said

    Dang! I was all set to drive in to meet you folks, but a close out-of-town friend dropped in unexpectedly and I couldn’t get away. (No, not a friend who would’ve willingly accompanied me to an infidel outing!lol) I hope I can make the next one. How many were there? Man, I sure could’ve used some great freethought conversation today after the week I had! Glad you all had a good time and plan to continue. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

  12. Hey Agnohumanist, yeah, we missed you. It was nice and relaxed though. Catherine and myself, Waffles, Butter, Andy D., Luke and a really nice woman (hey Suzanne!) who’s never even been to a meeting before showed up. In the end everybody but myself, Catherine and Waffles drove down together to Indy to see Richard Carrier. We hung out a bit longer to finish caffeinating ourselves. I can’t overstate how great it is to be able to just hang socially with a bunch of people who share our values and perspective on things (even if Andy D. is Republican-light ;D ) and talk about whatever’s on our minds. It wasn’t any great intellectual conversation, we were just shooting the breeze. Sunday morning is a really good time to do it to, because most people don’t have work or other commitments to attend to.

    I think we’re going to do it again next month on the 23rd (gotta get together with C about it), but if others want to do it more often, don’t wait for C and me to set it up. I can’t guarantee that either one of us will be able to attend more than once or twice a month but it’s meant to be a very informal gathering so don’t think you need our presence either. I’ll post tomorrow about our new calendar too tomorrow so if anybody wants to organize something any of the other Sundays in November just shoot FreeThoughtFortWayne DOT calendar AT gmail DOT com an e-mail and I’ll make sure it gets added.

  13. Oops… WordPress glitched the obfuscated e-mail address. Here’s a hopefully working link: FreeThoughtFortWayne DOT calendar AT gmail DOT com

    (wish we had a comment preview feature)

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