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FreeThought Fort Wayne Meeting Notes 10/8

Posted by dystressed on October 8, 2008

The meeting was held at Mad Anthony on Broadway beginning at 7 p.m.

  • Andy started the business discussion by saying the paperwork had been submitted for the Adopt-A-Highway program. Our first tentative cleanup date is 11/2 at approximately 2 p.m. (This is subject to change.) The rules will be e-mailed to those on the mailing list.
  • The next discussion was a solicitation for Great Zoo Halloween volunteers to pass out treats to kids on 10/22, 10/28, or 10/31. Contact Andy if interested.
  • A suggestion was made regarding a place in Yuku groups or some other place on the main site where other volunteer opportunities.
  • Next was a discussion of potential group activities. Andy W is hosting a “Haunted” Downtown Walking Tour through ARCH on 10/25.
  • Alan said he will check on prices for doing a Courthouse tour.
  • Following that, Andy moved the discussion back to the organization’s finances. Theo offered to take on the cost of hosting the site for a one year term. Then discussion moved to accounting. Andy, Skeptigator and Theo will discuss and open an account to handle the funds and will be the tentative co-signers on the account.
  • Next was discussion of the latest Enlightnement Show. Andy thanked everyone for their help and encouraged those who hadn’t seen it to watch it online.
  • Discussion then moved to the order of the meetings. For the next meeting, scheduled for 11/5 at the Library, there is a set agenda.
  • Meeting 11/5  Tentative Agenda: Mighty will open with 30 minutes of business discussion. The presentation on the Creation Museum will continue, followed by demonstration of StumbleUpon and other web tools to increase blog post readers.
  • Theo will have bumper stickers and bookmarks at the next meeting. This was followed by discussion of having a store on to sell FFW merchandise.
  • Skeptigator will add administrator privileges to blog posters, which will give the opportunity for posters to moderate comments and guard against Internet trolls.
  • Discussion concluded with tentative plans to see Roy Zimmerman in Indianapolis 10/19 and Richard Carrier on 10/26.

The meeting ended approximately 8:30.


6 Responses to “FreeThought Fort Wayne Meeting Notes 10/8”

  1. Butter said

    Yes, but the important point was the jambalaya with fettucine. Hot damn, that was nice.

  2. theodoersing said

    I think there should be a mandatory 2 drink minimum.

  3. andyscathouse said

    Nice Theo,

    Butter drinks coffee at bars… lol

    BTW That makes me think of something. Neuralgourmet and his lovely gal came up with an idea of having a late morning coffee social on a Sundays. (Not every Sunday-probably monthly). I love that idea.

  4. Thanks for posting the notes dystressed. It really helps aging gray cells remember what went on.

    It was nice having the meeting at Munchies too. It’s probably the very first place I went after moving to Fort Wayne and it’s one of our favorites. We should have the next Happy Hour there, although it should be on a Monday night since Munchies has half price pints on Mondays.

    Catherine and I will set up the FFW Sunday Coffee Klatch. I’m not sure if we can get one into October or not since the first opportunity we’d have would be the 26th and there’s tentative plans for the group to go see Richard Carrier on that date.

  5. mightymjolnir said

    I agree with the coffee idea – I am at least 11% smarter in the morning than at the end of the day anyway.

    NG, thanks to you and Catherine for taking the initiative. While we don’t have the luxury of a permanent location, what about having a standard weekly coffee time like CFI Indy, open to anyone that can make it?


  6. andyscathouse said

    11% smarter in the morning? Does that have anything to do with that we only use 10% percent of our brains myth? lol

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