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Anybody else watching the Vice Presidential debate tonight?

Posted by Eye4Cards on October 2, 2008

I’ve actually been looking forward to watching the Vice Presidential debate tonight.  I only know Palin from some of the articles I have read and haven’t had the opportunity to see her live.

So far, the main thing that has captured my attention is the disperity in education between both party’s candidates.  I don’t base everything on education.  That would be short-sighted; however, I find it a good starting point when considering these are candidates for two of the most important jobs in the world:

Barack Obama

Columbia University: BA political science

Harvard:  Juris Doctor magna cum laude

Joe Biden

University of Delaware: BA history BA political science

Syracuse University College of Law:  Juris Doctor

John McCain

Unites States Naval Academy (class rank of 894 out of 899)

Sarah Palin

Hawaii Pacific University (1 semester)

North Idaho College (2 semesters)

University of Idaho: journalism (2 semesters)

Matanuska-Susitna College (1 semester)

University of Idaho:  BA journalism


2 Responses to “Anybody else watching the Vice Presidential debate tonight?”

  1. Andy S. said

    Just because Sarah Palin didn’t attend those “uppity” universities with all the rich kids shows what kinda gal she is.

    She made a conscientious decision to get a broad education by visiting and studying at a variety of higher-learning institutions. You know, the kind of places where you are apt to find the common Joes of the world who value the importance of a cold, six-pack of MGD. Not this high-brow import crap you want to call beer.

    She did not feel the pressure or “need” to graduate in the top of her class – oh no, no, no, – THAT would be considered to be bad form indeed. Instead, she opted to concentrate on more pertinent issues like listening and rocking out to 80’s music and shooting at empty beer cans with a 22 rifle.

    You see, Sarah Palin was also not one to dash off to Europe after graduating college to “see the world”. Nope, not her style. She instead waited 20 years to obtain a US Passport, so as not to offend the hockey moms and soccer dads who may have viewed traveling outside of America as risky and “elite” behavior. Instead, reading a few issues of National Geographic would more than likely suffice for obtaining general knowledge on foreign affairs, but if one wanted to further expand their own world view , there is always the option of visiting Epcot and riding the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disney World.

  2. Anthony said

    Honestly, she seems a bit self absorbed and careless. She does seem very professional by aperance and quite possibly has taken direction with her life. But, it’s chancy at best.

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