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“Born Again” The documentary

Posted by Andy D. on September 23, 2008

This is an inside look at religion and how it divided a family. My family is no where near as intense but those interviews towards the end mirror conversations I have had with my own family. (minus the homosexual rights and big R republican ties).  Prepare yourself for a good story.  (Snagfilms is  a cool documentary film website).

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4 Responses to ““Born Again” The documentary”

  1. Butter said

    Hey, um, how come each post doesn’t have a listed author anymore?

  2. theodoersing said

    Man, I don’t know if I could have handled a childhood like that. I probably would have left the moment I thought I could.

    It’s nice to see a few of those kids were able to shake off their shackles. That means there’s hope. It makes me wonder how some people make it while many people don’t. What’s the difference between these two groups? What gives kids in this environment the ability to resist the indoctrination? Courage? Curiosity? Independence? Intelligence? A mixture of them all?

  3. andyscathouse said


    I wrote the post. There are technical reasons and I know skeptigator is working on it.


    Yeah, that was pretty step. I don’t know the answer on why some shake off their childhood indoctrinations. My brother and I did it completely differently.

  4. dystressed said

    I think this was great and I feel so much sympathy for this woman and her family.

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