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A Message from the Center For Inquiry

Posted by mikebftw on September 19, 2008

We’ve been getting a lot of traffic these past few days, thanks in large part to hosting the Humanist Symposium and Andy Welfle’s excellent “coming out” post.  For those of you just learning about FreeThought Fort Wayne, this video, produced by Center For Inquiry, explains many of our shared beliefs.  We are affiliated with Center For Inquiry, Indiana.


3 Responses to “A Message from the Center For Inquiry”

  1. mightymjolnir said

    For some reason, my 6-month-old son really gets a kick out of Ann Druyan. Lots of grins and giggles.

  2. Andy S. said

    Andy Welfle brings in the traffic. The dude is an oxymoron in contrasts. He can not be everything to everyone mind you, he can only be – Andy.

    I like to think of him as FW’s very own Rock Star !!

    Whatever the guy touches is GOLD – I see a potential best-seller in the works here:

    Former Catholic boy gets down and dirty and says, “Sorry boys I aint coming back man !”

  3. Hi If anyone from the East Chicago/Gary area is interested, I am planning on starting a martial arts study group free of charge to any atheists. This will serve the dual purposes of being an informal gathering and learning how to protect ourselves from the increasingly irrational among us. I have over 20 years on the mat and I have developed a curriculum that takes the best from traditional martial arts and eliminates the superstition. This is not fancy kicking or brazilian judo; just hard work including lots of book work. Contact me thru youtube. Remember: free to atheists, $100/hr to fundies.

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