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How are you today?

Posted by Skeptigator on September 8, 2008

The following was written by my wife, you may see her from time to time on here as firstofall556:

I didn’t know when I was calling into my credit card company that I would make someone else’s day better by asking, “How are you today?”

I was checking up on my purchases for the month when I noticed a gas purchase that neither I nor my husband remembered making. So what do you do? You have to call the dreaded credit card company. I wasn’t at all looking forward to it. The long automated account center listing of all the possible numbers you can transfer to (that is supposed to make your life easier) and the never ending hold music. No wait that’s not right another automated voice cuts in to let you know that you are important to that company and to continue to hold. So you get through all of that and a real person gets on the other end……and you can’t understand them!!

The man was very cordial “Thank you for calling; how are you and how can I help you today?” I respond “I’m fine and how are you?”

This man had about 20-30 calls before me and I’m sure at least that many after my call had ended. I know this because he told me so. He said “Thank you ma’am. You are the first person to ask me how I was.”
I still have a hard time believing that I was the first person to ask a very simple question but a question that meant a lot to a man who lives in India who was working 3rd shift in customer service. If you have ever worked with the public you understand what that means.

He thanked me several times for my simple inquiry while he was helping me figure out why I was incorrectly charged. He was very helpful and very professional. Yes I had a little trouble understanding what he was saying sometimes but in the end I was very pleased with my service.

I doubt that the next time I ask that question the next person will be so impressed but I will ask again and try to make sure that I do every time even if it’s not a great situation for me because after all there is another person on the other end of that phone. Besides isn’t that who we want to talk to anyway?

So try to ask someone “How are you today?” to someone and see what a difference it can make.


7 Responses to “How are you today?”

  1. dystressed said

    That was a great post. I think it’s rare that people take a genuine interest in other’s feelings these days.

  2. Is this one of those feel good chain letters that I need to forward to everyone on my mailing list in the next 10 minutes or else I’ll never find love?

  3. @infektid

    You’ll never find love anyway, don’t blame the chain letter


  4. You can’t ruin my day Skep…. this made me smile!

    P.S. nice would FirstofAll556. I think the emotion that gentleman was feeling was one of genuine care about how one’s day was. How often do we say “how are you” and a conversation never insues. More often these day’s “how are you” is a greeting rather than an actual question.

  5. andyscathouse said

    Nice post. Firstofall for veep? At the very least, I hope she will write more posts.

  6. firstofall556 said

    I agree “how are you” is used more as a greeting. And quite honestly that’s all I was doing. Which is why I was so taken back by his reaction. But that’s just it you never know how a small gesture can afffect someone.

    Thanks:) You might hear from me again!!

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