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Interesting Interview with Randall Balmer

Posted by dystressed on August 25, 2008

I found this on NPR from religious professor and historian Randall Balmer. He had another interview recently on Fresh Air.

According to Balmer, the religious right movement began in the late 70s. The impetus being a legal battle between Bob Jones University and the IRS. The IRS contended that because BJU did not admit African Americans, it was discriminatory in the eyes of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and thus not a charitable organization. In 1975, the IRS revoked the t.e. status and BJU sued. This was the beginning of the religious right. There was no great push for the pro-life movement, no mention of the gay agenda, just pure racism. Such an interesting fact. I thought I should share it.

There’s more on Balmer on his web site. He’s written several books on religion and teaches at Barnard College at Columbia University.


One Response to “Interesting Interview with Randall Balmer”

  1. firstofall556 said

    Wow….after reading that short excerpt from that book all I can say is wow…I just may need to read the entire book now.
    Thanks for posting about this.

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