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John Loftus book “Why I became an atheist” has been released

Posted by Skeptigator on August 20, 2008

Just as a quick note, John Loftus’s book, Why I became an atheist and published by Prometheus Books has been released. Use the link above to purchase from and John will get a little extra cheddar.

Here’s the announcement on John’s blog,


3 Responses to “John Loftus book “Why I became an atheist” has been released”

  1. Thanks so much. I hope it’s initial debut goes well, like the first weekend of a movie!

  2. Luke E Sprouse said

    I am currently reading “Why I became an Atheist”, I too came out of Christianity for similar reasons. I began to think outside the box, challenging what I had taken for granted. Reason is the answer to this dillema, always Reason. Is it Reasonable that in the Old Testament that God the Creator would command his created to murder others of His Creation, because they were different? Einstein has said that in order for God to judge His Creation, He would have to start with Himself.

  3. Hi

    Will this influence other preachers to opt for Atheism? Yes, billy graham is trying to recove ? why his prayers are not answered if his god is alive and active?

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