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Getting People to Ask Questions

Posted by dystressed on August 17, 2008

I found this video in which everyone’s favorite atheist (at least mine) Richard Dawkins introduces a group of kids to evolution by showing them fossils on a beach. It goes beyond that to demonstrate contemporary evolution with genetics, specifically, how certain prostitutes in Nairobi have natural resistance to HIV.

This video is such a great, uncomplicated way of explaining evolution. There are some times I wish I were in the UK so that I could get these episodes online.

At the beginning of the video, however, students in a class are ardently opposed to learning about evolution on religious grounds. This is something I just don’t understand. I was always eager to learn about something new, even if it theoretically contradicted my faith, when I had it.

I think the reason people don’t want to learn about something not involved with religion is because they really don’t have a strong faith. At the end, they ask the kids again. All the kids say they will still say their prayers. Of course, they may have been lying, but Dawkins strongly hopes that they will continue to ask questions. I hope so too.


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