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Secular Humanist Utopia… For Kids

Posted by dystressed on August 10, 2008

NPR ran this story last night and when I heard it, I almost ran my car off the road.

There IS a place to send kids to give them a good foundation in freethought and reason.

Growing up, I went to a private school and a church. I had a firm grasp on religion, but somewhere along the line, I went a little awry. I never went to summer camp, but I had plenty of church outings over the summer, so I think that counts for something.

I am actually wishing I were a kid again. Demographically, I’m the tail end of Generation X because I was over 20 in the year 2000. I think it’s amazing how parents in my generation are embracing freethought and reason. I hope that these and other children will feel comfortable growing up without all of the religiosity and hocus pocus.


One Response to “Secular Humanist Utopia… For Kids”

  1. agnohumanist said

    I saw this story on the NPR website and feel the same way. How awesome! I was impressed by the thoughtful and mature comments some of the kids made. What a terrific opportunity for these obviously intelligent and independent-minded young people. As you said, I hope it gives them confidence to maintain their freethinking ways in a culture that is marinated in religiosity.

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