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Eddie Tabash on the threat of the religious right

Posted by neuralgourmet on July 12, 2008

Edward “Eddie” Tabash is an American lawyer and atheist who has been fighting to preserve the separation of church and state for over thirty years. He is also known for debating prominent Christian apologists such as William Lane Craig. Eddie Tabash is currently the chair of the national legal committee of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, as well as the chair of the First Amendment Task Force for the Council for Secular Humanism. In this series of four videos from a recent lecture given at the Center For Inquiry Ontario in Toronto, Eddie Tabash speaks plainly about the ever-present danger to the U.S. Constitution from the religious right. Videos after the fold.


One Response to “Eddie Tabash on the threat of the religious right”

  1. andyscathouse said

    This is good. I was not quite the same after I heard his speech at the CFI-Indy opening. I am going to try to arrange a phone interview with him for the show after Price’s speech!

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