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Inheriting the Wind

Posted by dystressed on June 29, 2008

As I child, I never saw the movie “Inherit the Wind.”

I finally watched it several days ago and it was fascinating. I decided to find out more about it. Here are some things I found out using the wonders of the Internet:

  1. The real Scopes “Monkey” trial was actually a well-orchestrated farce, designed by the teachers to expose the religious influence in the Tennessee state law banning evolution. It was also one of the most ingenious publicity stunts ever concocted. The final resolution of this case and others like it was the 1962 supreme court ruling banning religious instruction in public schools. (Source)
  2. The movie itself was based upon a play. The play was actually written as a fable about McCarthy-era politics. (Source)
  3. There’s a connection to Fort Wayne. Dick York, one of the principle cast members, was born in Fort Wayne.

The film itself is very moving. I would say it’s even divisive. It was mean to the creationists and religious people, and presents the Evolutionists as snotty and condescending.

Now as we examine both sides of the debate today, there is even more of a divergence of views. If anything, the fundamentalists are even more adamant about their position. Evolutionists, at least I’d like to think, are much more enlightened than those in the movie. Advances in science, such as the discovery of DNA, the Hubble telescope, Mars Rovers, et cetera, have given science new insights in the arguments against creation.

In short, science has progressed and evolved since the middle of the twentieth century by leaps and bounds. Religion has stagnated with no new arguments or evidence to back up their position.

Of all arguments in support of science, this simple illustration is the most telling.

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