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Unfortunately I get a chance to title my post, Pastor Disaster*

Posted by Skeptigator on May 30, 2008

You know how you tell your kids, “Don’t do that or it will hurt” and then they do it… and it hurts. Please read as much I-told-you-so as possible.

If you haven’t heard, another pastor has taken the pulpit at Obama’s church and mocked Senator Clinton by pretending to cry and bemoan the fact that “there’s a black man stealing [her] show” because she feels entitled as a white woman to be President. I assume God told Pfleger what Hillary Clinton thinks and now wonder why God would tell him something like that. Isn’t there some kind of doctor-patient privilege that God broke here.

Don’t believe me, well… Bam! Check it out.

Here’s one of the better quotes from the Washington Times link,

But by delivering his remarks, Father Pfleger seems to have officially submitted his entry to the What Else Can We At Trinity Do to Further Assure that the United States Does Not Have Its First African-American President Any Time Soon? video competition. And this application has “Finalist” marked all over it.

I know this post may come across as the big, bad atheist gloating over his superior Rightness but you’ll just have to trust me that this is not my intention. My intention, with a little bit of humor, is to continue to bring to light those actions and consequences that come when Politics and Religion get in each other’s business. I just blogged about this, McCain rejects Hagee endorsement, and here we are talking about it again.

I’ve been asked why I attack other people’s Personal Faith. Please note that this comes about due to one of two reasons, I let someone know I’m an atheist and then I get that question, which implies that my very existence is an attack. The second scenario takes place when I actually question someone’s religious statements or disagree with them in some way. The second scenario is more legitimate and I’m sure I’m actually guilty of outright attacks but I really do try to limit any “attacking” that I do to when someone makes a religious statement that intrudes into secular government, public policy, personal freedoms and/or they are flat-out lies.

So by bringing this Pfleger guy into the conversation am I attacking someone’s Faith? I actually like to think in some small way I am actually defending people’s Personal Faith by calling out these hacks who use the pulpit for political purposes. I suppose I have to ask the question, “Is it your Personal Faith and/or Relationship with God that mocks Hillary Clinton?” Because last time I checked those aren’t statements of Faith, that is mockery, arrogance, divisiveness and, in general, assbaggery.

In 1994, the Gingrich-led Republican Revolution took control of both houses of the Congress. That effort led to the Contract with America. You can disagree with the politics but the process was sound. Unfortunately many of those incoming freshmen took the opportunity to extend that Contract beyond it’s original intent. 15 years have passed and now both parties have gone so far down the rabbit hole in pandering to the Religious Right that they have forgotten the Original Contract with America that our Founding Fathers made. That original contract said if you keep your religion out of the People’s government, the People’s government will keep out of your religion. Your Personal Faith is part of your natural rights and that our government has no business regulating such matters.

Events like these remind us of the penalties as People, Candidates and Nations that we must pay when we willfully break that Original Contract. Our government and your faith are both damaged by these events.

* Apologies to whomever came up with the term Pastor Disaster and a tip o’ the hat to agnohumanist for bringing it to my attention.


One Response to “Unfortunately I get a chance to title my post, Pastor Disaster*”

  1. agnohumanist said

    These pastors are so effective at harming Obama’s campaign that it almost makes you wonder if they are Repugs in disguise–you know, double agents of some sort. BTW, I agree with your observation about many people’s reaction to religious skepticism. Just by being a person who does not have faith in the supernatural, you are viewed as a threat of some type, even if you do not attack their beliefs in any way. Example: Once, a few years ago, when I was attending a Unitarian church occasionally, I talked a theist into going to a service with me. This person–not a fundamentalist, incidentally–took great offense at a comment that was, in my opinion, only mildly critical of faith, and only concerning the influence of faith on a particular political issue, not faith in general. Yet, if you attend almost any mainstream church, you will regularly hear that if you don’t believe certain improbable (preposterous, in many cases) articles of faith, you will suffer eternal punishment. That seems to be much more of an attack on skeptics than anything I’ve ever heard a skeptic say about believers!

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