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Thanks, John, For A Great Meeting

Posted by mikebftw on May 16, 2008

I have to admit I was reluctant to even attend John W. Loftus’ presentation last Wednesday, especially after the unexpected press we received. (I had someone in my office – whom I would never expect to have heard about us – ask “Did you hear there’s a former preacher that’s gonna teach people how to be atheists at the library?”) As of about 5:30 Wednesday evening, I still wasn’t sure. I’m very glad I decided to go.

We owe some thanks to everyone – and I do mean everyone – who showed up Wednesday night. Most of the people who disagreed with John’s presentation were very polite – especially the respectful younger guys in the front row. However, we also need to thank the “attorney,” who showed up halfway through the presentation, immediately spent the next 15-20 minutes on his laptop visiting the Drudge Report (Where to begin?), left, came back, and launched a weak and pathetic attempt at grandstanding on a point that, had he been there at the beginning, would have already been explained more-than-sufficiently by John. We need to thank him because his presence demonstrated that not only does being a Christian not automatically make you a good person, it also doesn’t automatically save you from being an ill-behaved mannerless bag of douche.

But I digress.

When I first walked into the meeting room, I saw a number of faces I didn’t recognize. I braced for the worst – but was relieved to find that most of the attendees were not opponents, but freethinkers we hadn’t yet met. I hope these new folks make their way to the blog and the message board. As one of the (I presume) Christians at the meeting pointed out, it’s easier to critique or tear down than to create or build up. I couldn’t agree more. We are building a great organization, not of opposition, but of promotion – of science, reason, and logic. All of these contribute fundamentally to the betterment of humanity. While our first real speaker might be perceived as “anti-Christian” rather than “pro-science/reason/logic” due to the title of his book, I hope everyone in attendance realized that we are thoughtful, compassionate people that have much to offer this city.



6 Responses to “Thanks, John, For A Great Meeting”

  1. “…ill-behaved mannerless bag of douche.”

    I have to agree the two most ill-behaved members of the audience
    a) both showed up late,
    b) broke the “rules” of the meeting (due to their tardiness) and
    c) gave the impression that they were more interested in “saying something” than engaging in a conversation that would lead to any kind of understanding.

    Overall everyone was very well behaved and should be commended. I thought the young men in the front asked some excellent questions.

  2. We have plans for posting the audio (or better) from the meeting itself, please stay tuned …

  3. andyscathouse said

    I don’t know if the meeting could have gone any better. John was great. (Maybe less noise in the other meeting room, but that was no biggie) I enjoyed the group conversation and Q&A. I think we picked up a lot of new members. I agree that the theists were cordial and listened well. The kids at the end asked honest questions about evolution and Ben Stein’s movie. They listened and all I did was say first don’t give up on science because of evolution and religious groups fighting science. Most churches made their peace with Darwin a long time ago and you don’t have to be atheist to be a scientist or appreciate science. It was like a weight lifted for them.

    After we air the audio presentation, we should calm down a bit on the anti- religion and focus on the much harder part of promoting science and reason.

    BTW: I don’t know if you caught this but the attorney let it slip during the “write your own bible challenge” that he thought the world is 6000 years old. He said “Yeah we’ve been waiting 6000 years for you,” sarcastically! I don’t know how it is possible to be that well educated but be so wrong about the age of the earth. Talk about compartmentalization. I think he was spying for a conservative think tank or a very conservative church. I have noticed the founders of ID and discovery institute folks are lawyers. Lee Strobel is a lawyer, too. I think they think perceived truth is truth from dealing with courts… They know how to argue from any perspective. (I don’t want to paint all lawyers as bad, go Eddie T) Maybe it is the mix of being very conservative and law? I know this is anecdotal…

  4. cory said

    It was my first meeting (glad I had found Johns site that lead me to free thought Fort Wayne). I had come across some parts of Johns book when it was self published. It was good to hear more of this thoughts.

  5. theodoersing said

    Welcome cory!

    I stumbled upon this site as well a while back and have enjoyed meeting several people already at the meetings.

    It’s great watching this organization grow. I bet there are a lot more people that will gravitate here than many people realize.

    Hope to see you at our next meeting!

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