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John Loftus interviewed in the News-Sentinel

Posted by Skeptigator on May 13, 2008

Today’s News-Sentinel features an article written by Bob Caylor about John Loftus’ lecture tomorrow night. Here’s the link to the article online, Ex-preacher says goodbye to God.

I really should have told him to use my first name only, if at all, I am still closeted after all. Here’s the part that pertains to us, hopefully this comes off well,

Wednesday night, he’ll speak to atheists and agnostics in Fort Wayne who want to hear more about why his skepticism changed him from preacher to atheist. He’s speaking at a regular monthly meeting for “freethinkers,” atheists and agnostics. It’s something like church for the willfully unchurched.

“It can be a bit isolating in Fort Wayne to be a non-believer when the people you work with are believers, you drive past six churches to work every day and half the cars on the road say ‘In God We Trust,’” said Jeremy Diller, who helped arrange Loftus’ presentation. “It can be very refreshing to be able to spend a couple hours every month talking and laughing with people who aren’t trying to save your soul and just enjoy your opinions.”

I don’t really know about the “willfully unchurched” bit. Some of us including myself are very well “churched”. It’s the churching that drove us ultimately away from a supernatural worldview.

Hopefully there are some freethinkers in Fort Wayne who may be looking for a great group of people to hang out with. Hopefully, those who attend that don’t share our opinions will come with an open mind and behave themselves.


7 Responses to “John Loftus interviewed in the News-Sentinel”

  1. andyscathouse said

    Get out of the closet Jeremy! I don’t think we can expect others unless we are open. It is fine out here so far. I do appreciate your work here. Seriously, I think that article was far better than we would could have received. It was bummer they didn’t publish the website. Google will find us easily enough. The “willfully unchurched” is a bit much but hey you are dealing with a conservative paper in a conservative city. I think the religious community would be surprised by how much theology we collectively know. John Loftus is an example. They cannot say he doesn’t know his bible and once you start questioning the bible it is enough to lead to non-belief. We should watch the comments on the news-sentinel and post. Perhaps Jeremey you should comment on the “willfuly unchurched” on the paper’s section.

  2. Another thing is that everyone is welcome, not just the “willfully unchurched.” I hope some do so. Still, it’s good press. And Jeremy you did us proud by coming out. All skeptics need to seriously consider doing so.

  3. One last thing, Bob told me he’s an agnostic.

  4. dystressed said

    I didn’t really like the tone of “willfully unchurched.” I guess it’s accurate, but it sounds like we just don’t like church. I think for some of us, FTFW is more complicated than that.

    My eyes bugged out when I saw Jeremy’s name.

    I wish I could be there tomorrow. Here’s to not having a bunch of crazies coming to protest. (raises a metaphorical glass)

  5. AnalogKid9 said

    Don’t worry Skep it’s okay to be honest about your powers of reason. I know there are people right now that fear me merely because they I know I deny their god and holy spirit.

  6. theodoersing said

    I never thought about it until recently, but I’ve never had the displeasure of worrying about “coming out of the atheist closet”, I’ve always been openly atheist without much concern, even in Fort Wayne.

    What I have been overly conscious of is arguing with the Islamic community. I’ve forayed into the land of Muhammad infrequently, but everytime I do I’m met with extreme resistance and accusations of hate and bigotry.

    I think I have a decent grasp of Islam and a basic familiarity with Hadith (it is reminiscent of the Catechism of the Catholic church in its insane restrictions and the ridiculous amount of stupid, boring things to learn and do dogmatically), and I’m already thick-skinned and know much of what I say will be interpreted as hate-speech and the like. I was just surprised in the dramatic difference in arguing with Christians as opposed to Muslims. That is not meant as a compliment towards Christians either. I feel like I am talking with a Scientologist who is accusing me personally of every fault and atrocity associated with Western civilization when I speak with Muslims (and not converts either) who, most of which (especially the underprivileged women) do not fully grasp, let alone appreciate, the concept of individual liberties or pretend not to in reverence and fear of their almighty Allah.

  7. My main concern isn’t about myself although I have extended family it would be best if they didn’t know. Oh the misery of those conversations.

    What I am more concerned about is our kids who are in the public school system. I’m a little concerned that they will be treated differently or impacted in some negative way.

    I’d prefer that they just be left alone and allowed to be freakin’ kids. I’m going to see about having my last name removed from the online version at least.

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