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Friendly Atheist Contest

Posted by Skeptigator on April 25, 2008

The Friendly Atheist has another contest going. Our very own theodoersing placed in the top 3 on this one, I only got 10th, I’m pretty sure theo cheated 😉 These are fun to do, I created an atheist motivational poster on my personal blog, here. Here are the top 10 atheist motivational posters on FriendlyAtheist’s site to get your creative juices flowing.

I’d be curious to see what some of my fellow authors could come up with. Post them here if make something good. No cheating this time theo, I’m watching you.

Here’s the challenge

Create a poster/saying about atheism or faith that becomes humorous with a *slight* change in spelling

You can create posters here. Make sure you send the URL to your poster to friendlyatheist [at] friendlyatheist [dot] com

Here is my entry.

No Intelligance Allowed

Edit: Forgot to mention this is a reference to this facebook group, which is real group supporting the movie that really spelled the name wrong. The irony is overwhelming.


3 Responses to “Friendly Atheist Contest”

  1. Jake said

    I promise I will retire that picture and never incorporate it into anything else. But, you got to admit, it’s a great picture.

    And it’s only cheating if you get caught. Besides, I didn’t cheat. I flirted with the boundaries until they were blurred.

    You’re just jealous!

    P.S. I like the Stein pic!

  2. Anon said

  3. Anon said

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